Easily Download Videos from YouTube with iLivid

Would you like to have favorite YouTube videos on your computer and enjoy watching them anytime without having to depend on their availability online? iLivid gives you the easiest solution on how to download videos from YouTube. Download iLivid and get the best tool for downloading and watching videos without cuts, interruptions or delays.

iLivid works on all popular browsers, including: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and more. You get the flexibility to download YouTube videos according to your needs. You can also download larger size videos with ease and enjoy your time watching them instead of waiting for them to complete downloading.

iLivid Download Manager

Download YouTube videos with iLivid download manager for a smooth and fast downloading experience. iLivid provides you with easy to follow instructions on how to complete the program installation. You just need to click here to download and install the application on your system. iLivid is an easy to use tool that lets you download as many videos as you like for free. Once you've downloaded the videos, you can save them in different formats, including: WMV, FLAC, MPEG, MKV, WMA, MOV, DTS, FLV, AVI, and more.

Powerful Accelerator

iLivid download manager is a simple, powerful and fast download accelerator that allows you to download and convert videos. iLivid can increase the downloading speed to download videos up to 12 times faster than standard. Another great feature is iLivid's converter: You can download YouTube videos in their original format and have a broad array of options to convert them to many suitable formats for better quality and better compatibility with your different mobile devices.

One-Click Download

How to download YouTube videos? This is a common question that comes up for many YouTube users. With iLivid, the process is very simple and with just one-click, you can download videos from YouTube. You just need to copy the video's link and enter it in the relevant field in iLivid, and then click on the 'download' button. Please note that you can also use iLivid to download videos from any other video sharing sites in addition to YouTube.

Instant Play Feature

After clicking on the download button, within few seconds, you can start watching the video without having to wait for the file to complete its downloading. You get to determine the video quality and to see whether it meets your needs. If you feel that the video is not up to the standard you'd like, you can stop the downloading and look for another video file with superior quality.

User-Friendly Program

Even if you are downloading a video from YouTube for the very first time, iLivid download manager's user friendly interface makes it easy and comfortable to use. With clear and simple step-by-step instructions, users become familiar with the download manager within a few minutes. iLivid download manager's simple interface lets you download from YouTube without complications or wasting your valuable time.