Video Downloading Made Lightening Fast With iLivid

iLivid is a cool and easy to use free video downloader that will let you download videos from popular online video websites. You can now save videos from the web onto your computer, build a video collection, and even listen and edit music you've downloaded. iLivid has many cool features that make downloading fast and simple.

Download Music Videos:

Downloading your favorite music videos is easy with iLivid. All you have to do is search for the video, copy the video's URL (web address) and paste it in the downloader. Once downloading has started you don't have to wait for the file to be completed: seconds within the downloading, you can start viewing the video. Once downloaded and saved onto your PC or laptop, you can watch videos or listen to the music at any time. With a quick installation and user-friendly interface, iLivid is one of the best online video downloaders available. Even better, iLivid is a video downloader for free!

Download Any Video:

If you enjoy watching videos, then a video downloader is must-have tool for you! With iLivid video downloader, you can save any original videos and music you like with just a few clicks. Once you've saved the videos, you can also transfer them to any of your media devices and enjoy them on the go!

Awesome Converter:

Once the downloading of your video is completed, you will be able to see the type of extension of the video. In some cases, certain devices don't support the extension of the video file. iLivid can solve this issue for you: iLivid has a built-in converter that will convert the type of file to any other type that is supported on your computer or mobile devices. This way, you can easily transfer and play any videos on any of your devices and forgo the hassle of unsupported files!

Your Solution for Portability:

Do you want to enjoy your videos and music anytime from anywhere? With iLivid, once you've saved the video and music onto your PC or laptop, you can transfer it, and even convert its format, to any of your mobile devices and enjoy it on the go!

iLivid is one of the fastest online video downloaders available on the web and it's free to download and use! Downloading your music videos, sport videos, lectures and more is now fast and simple. All you do is find the video you want to download, click on the download button and iLivid will start downloading it for you. You don't even have to wait for the downloading to be completed to start watching the video. Once the video is completely downloaded onto your computer, you can save it and then transfer it to your mobile devices.

iLivid has many cool features and powerful capabilities, including a built-in converter and 12 download accelerators that make downloading extremely fast. With iLivid building a video library and enjoying videos whenever you want is easy and fun! It's no surprise that iLivid is one of the most popular free online video downloaders available. Go ahead and join the many satisfied users. Download iLivid now!